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"When this company said they guaranteed the lowest price THEY MEANT IT. They came and beat all my bids. This Company keeps they're word."
Posted by dayhuey on 01/31/2012

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How to find a trustworthy company to service your air conditioner. When your air conditioner has a malfunction or just needs maintenance, how do you know who to call, how do you know if the technician telling the truth, is it a good price. That’s everybody’s worry, and for good reason. There are a lot of dishonest companies around and its very hard to find a good one. I'm going to give you the homeowner a few tips to finding an honest company. First off, do not call the first company that pops up.

Come on Las vegas, instead of calling just any repair company this winter. Try one thats willing to help you fix your heater or furnace yourself.

Do You Have High Power Bills?

Your air conditioning system takes up 70-80 percent of your power bill. If your power bills are high, it may be due to an old and inefficient a/c system, air duct leakage or both.

20 SEER Air Conditioning Unit

rooftop air conditioner

Prior to 2000, cooling system manufacturers did not even consider energy usage in a/c design. Today, the high cost of power makes energy-efficient systems very important.

Air conditioning systems older than 12 years usually lack a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. The SEER is a US government energy rating for your air conditioner that's similar to a miles-per-gallon rating for your car. Basically, since power consumption was not the big deal it is today, manufacturers didnt consider that when designing air conditioners.

Since January 2006, residential air conditioning systems sold in the US must have a SEER rating of at least 13. Older units without a SEER have estimated ratings of about 6-8. Today's a/c units can yield a SEER rating of 20. If you had an 8 mile per gallon car and upgraded to a 16 mpg car. You would save 50% on gas. Well the SEER rating of an air conditioner is the same thing, exept for electricity.

It's easy to see how an air conditioning system with a SEER rating of 6-8 could make power bills staggeringly high. A new system with a SEER of 20 would pay for itself within a short time. After that, you're going to save money every month!

Ductwork: A Hole In The Bucket

The average home loses roughly 25 percent of its circulated air into the attic via supply duct leakage. You have already paid to filter, heat or cool this "lost" air, so you are literally paying to heat or cool the attic and losing more air than you're putting back in.

This "lost air" puts the home into a state of negative pressure and the attic into a state of positive pressure. Because the home equalizes negative pressure by exchanging air with the attic, you are never done cooling the house. Meanwhile, "exchange air" from the attic invades your home, bringing with it an avalanche of dust, fiberglass particles and other harmful allergens.

Magnet Motors

Air Doctor can install a high-tech Magnet Motor in your existing a/c system. Magnet Motors are available to fit any system and they use fuel only when turning on. After that, the magnets spin to generate power instead of draining your electricity. Imagine what that would do for your electric bill!

The Energy-Saving Solution

The ideal cooling system combines high energy efficiency with a sealed duct system. This eliminates air loss into the attic and reduces dust and allergens to almost zero. Negative pressure no longer causes air to rush inside when doors or windows are opened. Now the air conditioner can operate efficiently in what we like to call "a perfect circle," turning on to keep cool temps consistent and then turning off. The shorter run time means lower power bills.

If high power bills are getting you down, Air Doctor can determine how much you would save with a high-efficiency cooling unit, duct sealing or state-of-the-art Magnet Motor. Call us at (702) 243-4000 and stop wasting money on inefficient cooling systems!