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"When this company said they guaranteed the lowest price THEY MEANT IT. They came and beat all my bids. This Company keeps they're word."
Posted by dayhuey on 01/31/2012

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How to find a trustworthy company to service your air conditioner. When your air conditioner has a malfunction or just needs maintenance, how do you know who to call, how do you know if the technician telling the truth, is it a good price. That’s everybody’s worry, and for good reason. There are a lot of dishonest companies around and its very hard to find a good one. I'm going to give you the homeowner a few tips to finding an honest company. First off, do not call the first company that pops up.

Come on Las vegas, instead of calling just any repair company this winter. Try one thats willing to help you fix your heater or furnace yourself.

A/C Maintenance: Investing In Performance

Would you ignore regular tune-ups for your car? Your air-conditioning system needs the same tender loving care. Regular a/c tuneups mean efficient operation, cool air and lower power bills.

Do you know that the typical Las Vegas residential cooling system runs about 3,200 hours per year? If you were to drive your car at 65 MPH for 3,200 hours, it would travel more than 200,000 miles. Without oil changes and tuneups along the way, your auto would soon be in breakdown mode!

Your residential cooling system works harder than your auto. To ensure that it runs safely and efficiently, your air conditioner needs the same kind of attention you give your car.

Air Doctor's 21 Point Precision Tune-Up Service will keep your air conditioner shipshape. Our professional technicians will inspect, test and adjust your system to ensure peak performance and a long, healthy life

After an Air Doctor tuneup, you can bet that your cooling system will be clean, performing optimally and using a minimum of energy. Regular tuneups save money on power bills and can catch small problems before they become big ones.

Some customers are afraid that cooling system maintenance means they'll be sold stuff they don't need. At Air Doctor, we don't work like that. We know that Las Vegas air conditioners require regular care, just like autos, so we don't have to sell you anything you don't need. We have enough to do just keeping our clients' Las Vegas cooling systems working properly!

Your air conditioning system works hard so you can keep your cool. Isn't it time you gave it the attention it deserves? Call Air Doctor at (702) 243-4000, and treat your system to some much-needed TLC!